The Four Corners of Mauritius: A Guide to Island Extremes

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Mauritius, a jewel in the Indian Ocean, embodies tropical paradise with its pristine white beaches and clear blue waters. As we explore this island nation, we’re captivated by the diversity each corner of Mauritius offers. Known for its mix of cultures and friendly inhabitants, Mauritius is more than just a beach destination—it’s a tapestry of history, nature, and culinary delights, waiting to be explored.

From the rugged coastline of Cap Malheureux in the north to the serene beaches of Blue Bay in the south, every part of the island tells its own unique story. We find ourselves amazed by the lush sugar cane fields in the west and the volcanic landscapes of the east. The island’s small size belies the richness of the experiences it offers, ranging from water sports like kite surfing in Anse La Raie to the leisurely pastime of catamaran cruises around the northern isles.

Our conversations with locals reveal a deep sense of pride in their heritage, a sentiment echoed in the vibrant cultural festivals and the tempting flavors found in Mauritian cuisine. Whether it is the bustling markets of Port Louis or the tranquil retreats hidden away in lush greenery, we delve into the heart of Mauritius, discovering that every corner of this beautiful island has its own wonders that make it much more than just a sum of its parts.

Geography of Mauritius

When discussing Mauritius, we find that it’s a testament to the beauty and diversity of the Indian Ocean’s geography. From the mountainous landscapes to the tranquil sea, every direction on the island reveals a unique aspect of its topography.

Northern Region

In the north, we come across expansive sugar cane fields and the bustling capital city of Port Louis. It is here that we can see a vibrant mix of culture and development. The northern plains gradually rise to form gentle hills, offering a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and its lustrous beaches.

Eastern Coast

The eastern coast is known for its pristine, sandy beaches that stretch out to the horizon. We observe that this region is less commercialized, which has allowed its natural beauty to remain largely untouched. The sea, playing a perfect host, offers warm, azure waters that are home to vibrant coral reefs, providing a paradise for water sports and marine life observation.

Southern Tip

The southern tip of Mauritius presents a stark contrast to the tranquil beaches of the east. Here, we encounter Le Morne Brabant, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which stands as a powerful symbol of the island’s fight for freedom against slavery. The area is characterized by dramatic cliffs that plunge into the roaring sea, reminding us of the island’s volcanic origins.

Western Shores

Lastly, the western shores bring us face-to-face with another aspect of Mauritius’ geographical diversity. It is a favorite spot for sunsets, where one can enjoy the sight of the sun slipping below the horizon of the sea. The west features fertile lands that support the cultivation of various fruits, alongside beaches that are frequently visited by dolphins and popular for an array of outdoor activities.

Cultural and Historic Sites

We explore Mauritius‘ rich tapestry of culture and history by spotlighting its vibrant capital and prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the bustling streets of Port Louis to the iconic Le Morne Brabant, the island’s cultural legacy comes alive through its historic landmarks and narratives etched in time.

Port Louis

Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius, stands as a vibrant hub that encapsulates the island’s diverse cultural heritage. We find Aapravasi Ghat, where the indelible imprints of indentured labor history remind us of their journey. This historical site marks the beginning of modern Mauritius. Venturing further into the heart of Port Louis, we witness the remnants of colonial architecture that speak volumes about the island’s past.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Le Morne Cultural Landscape: The towering mountain of Le Morne Brabant serves as a symbol of freedom, bearing witness to the resilience of escaped slaves who formed communities in this stronghold. Recognized by UNESCO, its poignant history is as striking as its geography.
  • Aapravasi Ghat: It is not merely a site; it’s a portal to the island’s multicultural present, having welcomed the influx of indentured laborers. This location’s inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list underscores its global historic significance and the transformation it sparked in Mauritian society.

Mauritius harbors centuries of stories within its landscapes. We see it in the steadfast endurance of Lion Mountain, a reminder of the island’s volcanic origins and an emblem of Mauritius’s steadfast spirit. Our journey through the cultural and historic sites provides an understanding of how the island’s identity is deeply rooted in its past and continuously shapes its future.

Mauritian Beaches and Sea Life

Mauritius is renowned for its stunning coastline, with each part of the island offering unique beaches and diverse marine life. We’ll explore the distinct characteristics of each region’s beaches and what they offer in terms of sea life and experiences.

Northern Beaches

In the North, Trou aux Biches boasts fine white sand and turquoise waters ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Its sister beach, Mont Choisy, stretches with its shade-giving trees, making it perfect for a family day out. The nearby Grand Bay offers a vibrant beachfront with ample opportunities for water sports, including surfing.

Eastern Beaches

The East is home to the famed Blue Bay with its Marine Park known for its exquisite coral reefs and abundant marine life. For those looking to enjoy the sand and sea in a more serene setting, the long stretch of beach at Belle Mare provides a tranquil retreat.

Southern Beaches

Our Southern shores are wilder, with strong winds that are ideal for kitesurfing. The beaches here are less commercialized, offering a rugged beauty and a closer touch with nature. Coral reefs are less prevalent, but the raw beauty of the coastline is undeniable.

Western Beaches

The West of Mauritius shelters more from the wind and features calmer seas. Flic-en-Flac is a popular spot, with its long stretch of beach and clear waters. This side of the island is fantastic for diving and exploring the vast aquatic life that thrives within its coral reefs.

Marine Parks and Reserves

The Blue Bay Marine Reserve, notable for its commendable conservation efforts, is a snorkelling paradise where we can observe a myriad of fish among the vibrant corals. Across our shores, several marine parks and reserves are dedicated to preserving the biodiversity and beauty of our underwater ecosystems.

Leisure and Recreation

In Mauritius, our leisure and recreation opportunities are as abundant as the island’s natural beauty. From the thrill of water sports to the serene pleasure of a spa day, we don’t just rest; we rejuvenate and excite.

Water Sports

For adrenaline seekers, sailing along our coastlines offers both a challenge and an opportunity to witness stunning seascapes. As we harness the wind, we often see fellow enthusiasts kite surfing, taking advantage of our ideal wind conditions to perform breathtaking maneuvers over the waves.

  • Sailing: Navigate the turquoise waters.
  • Kite Surfing: Glide and soar with the breeze.


Our golf courses are world-class, offering lush landscapes with views that stretch to the horizon. We take pride in the immaculate condition of the greens and the diversity of challenges they present.

  • Golf Courses: Tee off surrounded by incredible vistas.

Spa and Wellness

We end our days with restorative spa treatments that reflect the tranquility of our island. Our spas are sanctuaries of wellness, providing massages, aromatherapy, and treatments that rejuvenate both body and mind.

  • Spa Treatments: Indulge in refreshing and healing therapies.

Accommodation Options

In Mauritius, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a place to stay. Whether it’s the luxury of a high-end hotel or the privacy of a villa, each option offers its unique experience of the island’s charm.

Hotels and Resorts

  • LUX* Belle Mare: We can’t talk about luxury without mentioning LUX* Belle Mare. Boasting one of the islands most beautiful beaches, this resort ensures an exceptional stay with its exquisite accommodations and array of activities.
  • One&Only Le Saint Géran: One&Only Le Saint Géran epitomizes luxury and offers tailored experiences for those looking to indulge in tranquility with attentive service and refined elegance.

Villas and Private Rentals

  • Villas: For those of us seeking more privacy and space, a villa rental might be the preferable choice. Sites like Villanovo offer a range of luxury villas across Mauritius, with services to cater to our every need.
  • Private Rentals: Sometimes, we want a home away from home. Private rentals can provide us with that cozy and personalized atmosphere, often at a more reasonable price point than high-end hotels.

Dining and Cuisine

In Mauritius, we are presented with a delightful culinary scene, from the vibrant flavors found at our local restaurants to the dynamic range of street food, echoing the island’s cultural diversity. Our gastronomic journey brings us an array of seafood lunches and satisfies cravings at any street vendor with specialties that define Mauritian cuisine.

Local Restaurants

We find an enticing variety of eateries throughout the island, where seafood is often the star of the menu. Seafood Lunch is a must-try at local restaurants, where the catch of the day is served fresh, often accompanied by island spices and flavors. For instance, dining out in the north offers options ranging from family-run venues to international cuisine at local hotels. The prestigious beach of Belle-Mare is not only known for its crystal-clear waters but also for its high-end resorts with in-house restaurants that cater to a sophisticated palate.

  • Restaurants to consider:
    • La Capitaine restaurant
    • Amigo Restaurant
    • La Terrasse, Grand Baie

Street Food

On our food exploration, we cannot overlook the bustling street food scene. A walk along any busy street presents us with the best street food, like Dholl Puri, a wheat pancake stuffed with ground peas, which has become a culinary symbol of the island. Various food stalls and street vendors offer us quick, delicious bites that are both affordable and rich in flavor, reflecting the island’s multi-ethnic influences. We can savor these dishes practically anywhere, from the capital city of Port Louis to the smaller coastal towns. Whether it’s grabbing Dholl Puri from a street vendor or indulging in a seafood-inspired snack by the beach, the essence of Mauritius is best experienced through its diverse street food offerings.

  • Popular street foods to try:
    • Dholl Puri
    • Gateaux piments (chili cakes)
    • Roti chaud (hot wraps)

Travel and Transportation

When we’re considering the diverse travel options Mauritius offers, it’s essential to take note of both ground and air transportation. Mauritius provides a well-structured network for travelers. Driving along the modern highways or hiring a taxi offers a comfortable way to navigate the island, while Google Maps proves to be an indispensable tool for finding our way. For quick intercity travel, Air Mauritius offers convenient flights across the region.

Navigating the Island

We find driving in Mauritius to be straightforward, especially with the two main highways, the M1 and M2, improving connectivity across the island. Our experiences suggest that hiring a taxi is another popular choice for getting around, often providing us with insightful local knowledge from the drivers. Google Maps remains our reliable guide for real-time navigation and route planning, whether we’re searching for the quickest path to our next destination or looking to explore off-the-beaten-track locations.

  • Highway Travel: The M2 conveniently connects the airport in the south to the bustling capital of Port Louis and extends further to Grand Baie in the north.
  • Taxi Services: Taxis are available throughout the island; we recommend negotiating the fare before starting our journey to ensure transparency.

Air Travel

Air Mauritius, our national carrier, significantly reduces travel time between distant points on the island and offers efficient transportation, including sightseeing tours. We particularly appreciate their service for the following reasons:

  • Convenience: Air Mauritius provides flights from major hubs directly to Mauritius, facilitating our international arrivals and departures.
  • Connectivity: Their domestic services enable us to maximize our time by swiftly moving us from one locale to another, bypassing road traffic.

Wildlife and Nature

In Mauritius, we are greeted by a diverse ecosystem that thrives amidst volcanic landscapes and tropical climates. As we explore, we are mindful of the unique plant and animal species that contribute to the island’s rich biological tapestry.

Flora of Mauritius

Mauritius’ plant life is enchanting, with 65% of its flora being endemic. The island’s vegetation ranges from lush rainforests to dry coastal areas, displaying an array of plant diversity. A notable example of unique flora is the Tambalacoque, or dodo tree, traditionally believed to have co-existed with the dodo.

  • Endemic Species:
    • Tambalacoque (Sideroxylon grandiflorum)
    • Trochetia boutoniana (Mauritius national flower)
  • Protected Areas:
    • Black River Gorges National Park
    • Isle aux Aigrettes

Protective measures, such as those enforced by Black River Gorges National Park, ensure these ecosystems remain robust against threats like deforestation.


The fauna of Mauritius is quite extraordinary, despite the extinction of the iconic dodo. Today, we foster species like the Mauritius kestrel – once the world’s rarest bird – brought back from the brink through dedicated conservation efforts. Organizations like Protection of Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) are pivotal in the protection and care of both domestic and wild animals on the island.

  • Notable Species:
    • Mauritius Kestrel (Falco punctatus)
    • Pink Pigeon (Nesoenas mayeri)
  • Conservation Successes:
    • The increased population of the Mauritius kestrel, from just four individuals to hundreds

Our ongoing commitment to preserving wildlife ensures that species can thrive in both terrestrial and marine environments for generations to come.

Adventure and Exploration

Mauritius is not just about serene beaches and crystal-clear waters; it’s equally a haven for thrill-seeking adventurers and explorers. We find that from the rugged mountainous terrains to the vibrant turquoise sea, every corner of Mauritius beckons with activities that harness the spirit of adventure.

Hiking and Trails

In the heart of Mauritius, Black River Gorges National Park presents us with an opportunity to immerse in spectacular vistas and varied wildlife through its extensive network of hiking paths. We can experience the raw beauty of the forest, often catching glimpses of rare bird species, such as the Mauritius kestrel. Trails range from the accessible to the challenging, leading us through dense forests and to panoramic mountain views.

  • Maccabee Trail: A challenging route that reveals some of the finest viewpoints over the gorge.
  • Parakeet Trail: An intermediate trail allowing us to explore deeper into the endemic bird habitats.

Sailing and Boating

The Mauritian coastline, dotted with islands like the renowned Ile aux Cerfs, offers us an array of sailing and boating excursions. Whether we prefer the calm of a catamaran cruise or the thrill of a sports sailing venture, the clear waters make for a perfect day out on the sea.

  • Catamaran Cruises: A relaxing way for us to explore the lagoon and nearby islands with stops for snorkeling.
  • Sailing Adventures: For the more experienced among us, sailing around the island gives us a different perspective of Mauritius’s stunning shores.

When we set sail, we are often accompanied by the scenic backdrop of the island’s lush coastline and, if fortunate, sightings of dolphins playfully swimming alongside. Sailing in Mauritius is not just a journey over water; it’s an exploration of the island’s maritime charm.

Shopping and Commerce

In our exploration of Mauritius, we quickly discover that shopping is an integral part of the island’s charm. Our journey through the marketplace offers a vivid glimpse into the local culture and commerce.

Grand-Baie is a paradise for shoppers where we can indulge in a variety of clothing, accessories, and handicrafts. The local bazaar is a maze of color and activity, perfect for those looking for an authentic experience and unique souvenirs. Find more on Grand-Baie markets.

We also recommend venturing to the Port Louis Central Market, a bustling hub where we are engulfed in the vibrant atmosphere of the island’s most crowded market. Here, the sense of community and the variety of local products give us a true taste of Mauritius. Learn about the Port Louis market.

For a more upscale shopping experience, the east coast’s prestigious Belle-Mare beach is lined with high-end resorts and shopping opportunities. Belle-Mare not only offers luxury but also acts as a gateway for adventures.

In addition, Bagatelle Mall in Moka stands out as a premier destination for luxury shopping, boasting over 130 stores including international brands such as Aldo and Armani Jeans. Find details on high-end shopping.

  • Highlights of Shopping in Mauritius:
    • Grand-Baie: Best for local bazaar and boutiques.
    • Port Louis Central Market: Ideal for traditional crafts and flavors.
    • Belle-Mare: High-end resorts and shopping.
    • Bagatelle Mall – Moka: Top choice for luxury brands.

Family Activities

When traveling to Mauritius with our families, we find a variety of activities suitable for all ages. Our trips often include visits to the beautiful beaches like Trou aux Biches, known for its coral reefs, making it a fantastic spot for snorkeling or simply enjoying the sun.

For those of us with younger adventurers, LUX Grand Gaube comes highly recommended as a family-friendly resort offering clubs for kids and teens, as well as a selection of activities that keep the little ones busy and entertained.

ActivityLocationSuitable for
SnorkelingTrou aux BichesAll ages
Kid’s ClubsLUX Grand GaubeChildren & Teens

We also encourage exploring Mauritius with kids, where there’s no shortage of family outings. Selecting from the multiple options can be daunting, so planning ahead is beneficial. The north of the island, apart from its beaches, is home to cultural sites such as the historic Chateau de Labourdonnais, making it an educational experience for our children.

To delve into the rich history of Mauritius, another educational excursion we prioritize is hiking up Le Morne Brabant. Standing on its peak is not only an accomplishment but also a history lesson, as this mountain was once a refuge for slaves. It’s a physical activity and a profound remembrance of Mauritius’ past.

In summary, our family holidays in Mauritius can be both relaxing and filled with learning experiences. There’s an activity to match every one of our family members’ tastes, ensuring a holiday filled with cherished memories.

Local Insights

In this section, we unveil the distinctive culture and traditions, as well as the essence of local communities that contribute to the vibrant charm of Mauritius, a small island with a rich tapestry of cultural influence.

Culture and Traditions

We can’t discuss Mauritius without paying homage to its diverse cultural backdrop which is a blend of African, Indian, European, and Asian influences. Festivals are frequent and fervent, reflecting the myriad of cultures, such as Diwali, the Festival of Lights, and the Spring Festival, marking Chinese New Year. Our island resonates with the beats of Sega music, a traditional Mauritian rhythm derived from the African roots of its inhabitants, often accompanied by passionate, improvised dance.

Mauritian cuisine is a culinary adventure, showcasing the island’s multicultural heritage. Food staples involve a variety of curries, using locally sourced ingredients such as fish and tropical fruit, while street food, like Dholl puri—a type of flatbread filled with ground yellow split peas—presents a quick taste of local flavors.

Local Communities

We take pride in our local communities, which are tight-knit and welcoming. As residents of this small island, we often share resources and celebrate together, maintaining a harmonious and collective way of living. In the rural villages, you will notice the traditional style of Mauritian houses, often with porches known as varangues, and gardens blooming with frangipanis. Our towns, such as Quatre Bornes, embody historical and cultural journeys, with weekly markets called “Bazaar” being the focal point where locals engage and trade.

The vibrant local buses painted in vivid colors embody the pulse of the island, transporting not just people but also the essence of Mauritian life—music, conversation, a mosaic of languages, and that infectious energy that we, as Mauritians, radiate.

Art and Entertainment

Mauritius is a vibrant hub where the arts flourished. Our island’s culture is reflected in a variety of performance art forms, enriching our society with music, dance, and theatrical plays.

Music and Performances

Mauritius has a pulsating musical scene that we are immensely proud of. The rhythm of the island is best experienced through our local music, which features a blend of genres influenced by our diverse heritage. Sega, the traditional music of Mauritius, often combines with other forms to create something truly unique.

One such example is the Famous 9 Band, a group whose performances captivate locals and tourists alike. Their blend of rhythms and instruments encapsulates the island’s musical evolution while staying true to our roots.

We find our artistic expression places like the Palace Theatre in Rose Hill and Port Louis Theatre, where stage performances and live music acts frequent the playbill, illustrating the deep appreciation we hold for the arts. Performances here capture the essence of Mauritian spirit through their dynamic and engaging productions.

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