The Solar Sea Walk in Mauritius: A Journey Beneath the Waves

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Mauritius, renowned for its pristine beaches and azure waters, has always been a sought-after destination for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts. But beyond its sun-kissed shores lies a world less explored, a world where the sun’s rays dance on coral reefs and marine life thrives in all its glory.

If you’ve ever desired to explore the depths of the ocean, in a safe and contained manner, this is for you. No need for scuba gear, or years of experience.

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What is the Solar Sea Walk?

The Solar Sea Walk is a first of it’s kind initiative in Mauritius that allows visitors to walk on the ocean floor without any diving experience or even getting their hair wet! Unlike traditional sea walks that rely on motorized equipment, the Solar Sea Walk uses solar energy, making it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly option.

History of the Solar Sea Walk

The concept of the Solar Sea Walk has its roots dating back to 1988. At that time, the pioneers behind this innovative venture were among the first to delve into the world of helmet diving. This underwater exploration technique was not only novel to the picturesque island of Mauritius but was also a relatively new concept on the global stage.

Given the pioneering nature of their endeavor, there were no off-the-shelf equipment options available. This necessitated the creation of custom-made equipment tailored to their unique requirements. The journey to perfecting the equipment was marked by years of meticulous experimentation, numerous modifications, and relentless dedication.

A decade later, in 1999, they once again revolutionized the industry. They introduced the world’s first fully solar-powered helmet diving activity. This sustainable approach not only set them apart but also underscored their commitment to eco-friendly tourism and innovation.

Today, the Solar Sea Walk stands as a testament to decades of passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in underwater exploration.

The Experience

  • Preparation: The journey begins on the shores where participants are briefed about the experience. Safety is paramount, and even though no diving experience is required, participants are given a clear understanding of what to expect.
  • The Descent: Wearing a specially designed helmet that offers a 360-degree view, participants descend a ladder until they are standing on the ocean floor. The helmet is connected to solar panels floating on the surface, which supply a continuous stream of fresh air.
  • The Walk: As you walk on the seabed, you’ll be surrounded by a vibrant marine ecosystem. Colorful fish dart around, curious about their human visitors, while corals of various shapes and sizes showcase nature’s artistry. The experience is serene, with only the sound of your own breathing and the distant murmur of the ocean. The actual walk takes roughly 12.5 minutes.
  • Time Needed: The total time for the activity should be around 1.5 hours.

Why Choose the Solar Sea Walk?

  1. Sustainable Tourism: As the world becomes more conscious of the environment, the Solar Sea Walk sets a benchmark in sustainable marine tourism. By harnessing solar energy, it reduces carbon footprint and promotes clean energy use.
  2. Accessible to All: Whether you’re a non-swimmer or someone who’s never dived before, the Solar Sea Walk is accessible to all. The helmets are designed to keep water out, allowing even those with glasses or contact lenses to partake.
  3. Educational Value: Beyond the fun and excitement, the Solar Sea Walk is also an educational journey. Guides often share insights about the marine ecosystem, the species you encounter, and the importance of preserving our oceans.

Transportation to the Solar Sea Walk

Navigating your way to the Solar Sea Walk, is relatively straightforward. Here are the best ways to reach this underwater marvel:


The Solar Sea Walk is conveniently located and can be easily accessed by foot. If you’re staying nearby or fancy a leisurely stroll, simply follow the street signs, and you’ll find your way to this aquatic attraction.


While taxis are readily available throughout Mauritius, a word of caution: taxis are known to overcharge, especially if it’s evident that you’re a tourist. Always agree on a fare before starting your journey or better yet, ask your hotel to arrange a taxi for you with a pre-determined rate.

Private Car:

For those driving to the Solar Sea Walk:

  • Parking: There are two main parking areas located just after Sunset Boulevard by the beach. If these are full, you’ll also find additional parking spots along the street and in nearby side alleys.
  • Car Rentals: If you don’t have a vehicle, consider renting one. Not only does it give you the freedom to explore Mauritius at your own pace, but it’s also a cost-effective way to travel around the island. We highly recommend Maki-Cars for their reliable service. For bookings and more information, click here.

By choosing the best mode of transportation that suits your needs, you can ensure a smooth journey to the Solar Sea Walk and dive into an experience like no other!


The Solar Sea Walk in Mauritius is a step into a world where human innovation meets natural beauty. It’s an experience that stays with you, reminding you of the wonders that lie beneath the waves and the importance of treading lightly. As you ascend back to the surface, you carry with you memories of a magical world and the hope that such sustainable initiatives become the norm rather than the exception.

If you’d like to see the experience in action, here’s a video.

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