Let’s start with some geography. The Indian Ocean, formerly known as the Eastern Ocean, covers an area of 75,000 square kilometers. This ocean occupies 20% of the surface of the terrestrial globe. Apart from its sunny climate throughout the year, highly prized by tourists, the Indian Ocean hides many exotic treasures, several tropical islands with immense beauty. If you are currently planning your next holidays, we offer an overview of the Indian Ocean that may help you choose a destination. The Maldives, Rodrigues, Mayotte, Madagascar, Seychelles, Reunion Island and not to mention Mauritius are popular destinations in the Indian Ocean. These islands have many natural treasures that will enrich your vacation. Let’s cast our anchor there!


Discovering preserved natural wonders

Discovering the islands of the Indian Ocean means discovering new sensations with a unique range of experiences to cater for your wants, needs and interests.  Exploring these tropical treasures gives you the opportunity to boost-up your energy and recharge your batteries. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Reunion Island, the natural treasures of Mauritius and the natural wonders of Seychelles. Bordered by a lagoon with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, these islands offer many tourist activities. Let yourself be seduced by the magnificent landscapes that will transport you in a universe quite enchanting.


Don’t lose a crumb of the spectacle

The view of Piton de la Fournaise and its surroundings is worth the trip to Reunion Island.  If you are lucky enough to witness an eruption, you will be overwhelmed by the fabulous show. 188 kilometers south-west of Réunion Island, in the heart of the Mascareignes archipelago, lies another paradisiacal island: Mauritius. Its turquoise lagoons have absolutely nothing to envy to the other Islands of the archipelago. This volcanic paradise is a perfect fusion of nature and charm. The immaculate beaches such as Trou aux Biches or Le Morne Brabant will thrill water sports fans. In fact, these are perfect places for Kite Surf Mauritius, boat trips or Seakart™. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the Mauritian fauna and flora. Several natural parks such as Casela Mauritius have been set up to offer visitors the opportunity to discover breathtaking landscapes.


Relax your body and mind

You are tired of greyness and cold, spending your holidays in the sun of the Indian Ocean will definitely give you positive strokes. The Indian Ocean is known for its idyllic climate throughout the year. The sun keeps on shining even during the winter season. Indeed, temperatures rarely go below 25°. The climate is ideal for outdoor activities. During your holidays, enjoy life without worrying about the everyday hassles. Don’t lose a crumb of the joyful atmosphere and magnificent sceneries. Fill up yourself with positive energies.  During your stay in the Indian Ocean, you will have the opportunity to relax your body and mind.

Immerse yourself in the heart of a paradise with Fun Adventure Mauritius and discover new sensations. SeaKart ballads will give you the opportunity to make the most of your holidays in the sun. Discover the beauty of the west coast of Mauritius. A piece of land that reveals pristine beaches and lagoons of translucent water that are full of preserved fauna and flora. You will certainly leave the Island with a pleasant taste of a wishful come-back.

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