Which Airlines Still Offer First Class in 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide

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In the evolving landscape of commercial aviation, the presence of first class cabins has become an indicator of an airline’s commitment to luxury and exceptional service. While a number of carriers have phased out traditional first class in favor of enhanced business class offerings, there remain a select few that uphold the gold standard of air travel with dedicated first class services. In 2024, discerning passengers still have the option to indulge in the epitome of comfort and privacy on their journeys, with airlines like Air France, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines continuing to offer this exclusive experience.

A luxurious first-class cabin with spacious seats, elegant decor, and attentive service, set against a backdrop of a modern aircraft interior

These carriers stand out for their plush suites, gourmet dining, and personalized service which set them apart in the commercial airline industry. They have recognized that, even in an age of ever-enhancing business class cabins, there is still a distinct clientele that seeks the unparalleled first class experience. For instance, Germany’s flag carrier Lufthansa is noted for offering first class on select aircraft, including the Boeing 747-8 and A380, while also announcing new first class products onboard their A350-900s.

Moreover, airlines such as Japan Airlines have pushed the envelope further by introducing cutting-edge designs in their first class suites, indicating that innovation in luxury air travel is far from over. The continuous refinement of first class offerings by these airlines ensures they cater to the tastes of those for whom the journey is as paramount as the destination.

Evolution of First Class in Air Travel

Luxurious first class cabin with spacious seats, personal entertainment systems, and gourmet dining. Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Lufthansa still offer first class in 2024

First class has long represented the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in air travel. Since its inception, first class has undergone a substantial transformation to meet the demands of discerning travelers.

In the past, first class seats were more about increased legroom and enhanced service, but today, they embody the epitome of luxury. Passengers expect not just comfort, but also privacy and exclusivity. The introduction of lie-flat seats in the 1990s was a game-changer, offering passengers the ability to rest in the comfort similar to that of a bed.

The modern era has seen airlines investing significantly in their first-class products. For instance, Hawaiian Airlines operates a first class cabin with a 2-2-2 configuration on its Airbus A330, which includes lie-flat seats introduced in 2016. Meanwhile, Lufthansa’s A350 Allegris features three fully private first-class suites, with a twin-berth ‘Suite Plus’ that transforms into a 1.4m-wide double bed, simulating a private room in the skies.

Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 are among the popular aircraft types where these luxurious first-class cabins are commonly installed. The advancements in cabin design and technology have seen the incorporation of features like privacy doors, onboard shower spas, and even bars on upper decks, as seen in Emirates’ first-class suites on the B777-300ER.

Airlines continually aim to surpass each other in luxury stakes, ensuring that first class remains a coveted experience. It is a testament to their commitment to providing unparalleled comfort and privacy to their most discerning passengers.

Current Airlines Offering First Class

A luxurious first-class cabin with spacious seating, elegant decor, and attentive service. The airline's logo prominently displayed throughout the cabin

Despite shifts in the aviation industry, several airlines continue to provide first-class travel options that deliver exceptional comfort and luxury. These offerings range from private suites to enhanced dining experiences, ensuring a premium journey.

American Airlines

American Airlines maintains a reputed first-class service on selected aircraft, including the Boeing 777-300ER. Its first-class seats are recognized for their spacious 21-inch width and 82.5 inches of length when in lie-flat mode.


Lufthansa’s first-class offerings stand out for their sophisticated cabins. The Lufthansa first class experience is synonymous with luxury, providing passengers with ample space and privacy.


Known for its opulence, Emirates continues to impress with its first-class suites on the Airbus A380. These suites go the extra mile in providing exclusivity, complete with privacy doors and a service that’s hard to match.


Qantas, with its fleet inclusive of the A380, offers first-class suites designed to maximize comfort. These suites offer passengers a private, premium space to relax during long flights.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways stands out with its modern fleet and first-class cabins. Qatar Airways first class seats are designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy to their discerning passengers.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers an unparalleled experience with its first-class service. Its Boeing 777-300ER fleet boasts spacious suites that set the standard for luxury air travel.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific’s first-class service features exceptional first-class seats. Passengers can expect a personal, serene environment, ensuring a restful journey.

British Airways

On British Airways, the Airbus A380 plays host to a refined first-class experience. This offers a blend of privacy and classic British service, reflected in their attentive in-flight offerings.

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has a standout first-class proposition aboard its Boeing 777, where the design and service are crafted to reflect Japanese hospitality and attention to detail.

Other Notable Carriers

Awards and accolades have recognized other carriers like Air France, Korean Air, Oman Air, and Garuda Indonesia for their excellent first-class services. Each airline offers distinctive features, ensuring a unique first-class experience.

Distinctive Features of First Class

First class cabins on airlines continue to set the standard for luxury air travel with state-of-the-art features. They emphasize comfort, privacy, and an exclusive range of amenities designed to offer a superior travel experience.

Seats and Privacy Options

First class seating is designed for both comfort and privacy, providing passengers with a personal sanctuary in the sky. For example, Japan Airlines’ first class configuration on its Airbus A350 offers side-by-side seating with a total width of 1.23 meters, ensuring ample personal space. Seat features often include the ability to recline fully into flat beds, complete with plush bedding. Privacy is further enhanced with the inclusion of sliding doors and large dividers that offer almost a cocoon-like feel.

Luxury Amenities

Airlines offering first class travel frequently go beyond the standard amenities kit and provide a spa-like experience. Passengers can expect luxury items such as high-quality pajamas, skincare products, and even onboard showers in some carriers. A prime example is the renowned Singapore Airlines Suites, where the airline provides amenities that include both practical and luxury items to enhance comfort and convenience during long-haul flights.

Dedicated Dining Experiences

Dining in first class is an affair reminiscent of upscale restaurants. Passengers can enjoy multi-course meals, complete with caviar, fine dining choices, and an extensive wine list. With options like made-to-order dishes, the dining experience is tailored to the preference of each passenger. Airlines like Singapore Airlines ensure that each meal is a gustatory delight, whether it’s for an appetizer or a main course.

Entertainment and Connectivity

In-flight entertainment systems in first class often feature large 4K monitors with a selection of movies, TV shows, and games catering to diverse tastes. Additionally, passengers can stay connected with onboard wi-fi, often provided free or at nominal costs in first class. The entertainment options are designed to replicate a high-end home theater experience, making long journeys more enjoyable and productive.

Comparing First Class with Business Class

A luxurious first-class cabin with spacious seats, elegant decor, and personalized service. Business class features comfortable seating and modern amenities

When assessing the distinctions between First Class and Business Class, several aspects must be considered, especially the degree of comfort, privacy, and service. First Class often provides a higher level of privacy, often incorporating individual suites with closing doors. Lie-flat seats are a standard in First Class, ensuring that passengers can fully recline during long flights for optimal comfort.

Business Class, while also typically offering lie-flat seats, tends to be less exclusive than First Class, and while privacy is considered, the seats might be arranged in a way where passenger interaction is more probable, such as in a 2-2-2 seating configuration. Here is a basic comparison of the features typically found in each class:

FeatureFirst ClassBusiness Class
Seating Configuration1-1-12-2-2
Seat PrivacySuites with doorsOpen pods
Bed TypeLie-flat bedsLie-flat seats
AmenitiesSuperiorHigh quality

Airlines such as Hawaiian Airlines maintain a First Class cabin, offering a 2-2-2 configuration on their Airbus A330 fleet, indicative of the premium experience still in demand. The key takeaway is that First Class offers an elevated experience with amenities that surpass those in Business Class, although both classes offer enhanced comfort over Economy. The choice between the two classes may ultimately depend on personal preference, the length of the flight, and the value one places on additional luxury and space.

Select Routes with First Class Services

First Class services continue to offer premium comfort to travelers across specific routes. This section details airlines that provide First Class cabins for both domestic and international flights.


Hawaiian Airlines maintains a fleet of Airbus A330 aircraft featuring a First Class cabin in a 2-2-2 seating configuration for several domestic routes, including leisure destinations.

  • Routes: Popular Hawaiian leisure routes
  • Aircraft Configuration: 2-2-2
  • First Class Features: Lie-flat seats since 2016

Delta Airlines showcases its modern First Class experience on its A321neo fleet. This includes domestic flights with an enhanced focus on privacy and ergonomics for passengers.

  • Routes: Flights across the domestic network including New York
  • Aircraft Configuration: 2-2
  • First Class Features: Enhanced privacy, ergonomic features, intuitive controls


Lufthansa operates their Airbus A380s with First Class cabins for selected international flights. Munich serves as a primary hub for these routes, connecting travelers to destinations such as Los Angeles and Bangkok.

  • Destinations: Including Los Angeles and Bangkok
  • Aircraft: A380
  • Season: Winter 2023/2024

Emirates continues to provide their renowned First Class suites aboard their B777-300ER aircraft. International flights embody the pinnacle of luxury with private suites, onboard showers, and a social area for First Class passengers.

  • Destinations: Including Sydney, London
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER
  • First Class Features: Privacy doors, onboard showers, access to the bar on the upper deck

The Future of First Class Travel

With evolving customer expectations, the landscape of first class air travel is poised for change. Airlines strive for innovation to offer unparalleled luxury, while catering to the refined preferences of their premium passengers.

The focus tends to be on personalization and privacy. Features such as individual suites and customized dining options play a central role in distinguishing first class from other travel classes. Enhanced connectivity and smart technology are employed to enable passengers to tailor their environment, whether adjusting lighting, temperature, or entertainment systems.

In-flight amenities have become a statement of sophistication. Luxury brands join forces with airlines to provide exclusive amenity kits, while onboard cuisine is curated by michelin-starred chefs, exemplifying culinary excellence at 35,000 feet. The convergence of comfort and enjoyment is seen through lie-flat seats, allowing restful sleep comparable to a hotel bed experience.

Efforts to streamline the travel process are evident. Services such as priority check-in and exclusive security lanes, as highlighted by the United First Class experience in 2024, exemplify the elevated convenience offered to first class travelers.

In summary, first class air travel is a realm where advancement and exclusivity merge to create a journey rather than just a flight. The future of this space remains intriguing, as aircraft manufacturers and airlines work together to refine the zenith of air travel comfort and luxury.

Booking and Flying First Class

Booking and experiencing First Class in 2024 affords passengers an array of exclusive services and premium comfort. From the ease of booking to unparalleled in-flight services, travelers can expect a seamless journey marked by luxury.

How to Book

To secure a seat in First Class, travelers can book directly through an airline’s website or through a trusted travel agent. For instance, passengers interested in Hawaiian Airlines’ First Class may take advantage of the airline’s intuitive online platform. Some carriers offer mobile apps with functionalities to not only book but also manage existing reservations.

  • Websites/Apps: Use airlines’ dedicated booking platforms.
  • Travel Agents: Consider support for complex itineraries.
  • Airline Reservation Desks: For personalized service.
  • Loyalty Points: Redeem for First Class tickets when available.

Exclusive First Class Services

First Class passengers are treated to exclusive services that encompass every aspect of their travel experience. At the airport, Flagship First Check-in ensures a personalized and expedited process. Travelers can relax or work in luxurious Flagship Lounges and savor gourmet meals in the serenity of Flagship First Dining areas before boarding.

Once onboard, the emphasis is on privacy, space, and attentive service. The cabins feature ergonomically designed seats with substantial legroom and often lay flat for added comfort. Attendants are dedicated to the First Class cabin, ensuring a high level of service throughout the flight.

  • Flagship First Check-In: Private, expedited check-in areas.
  • Flagship Lounges: Luxurious spaces for work or relaxation.
  • Flagship First Dining: Restaurant-quality dining before the flight.
  • On Board: Personalized service, ergonomic seating, and privacy.


Despite industry fluctuations, several carriers continue to offer first class services. Hawaiian Airlines invites travelers to savor luxury on Airbus A330s, laid out in a congenial 2-2-2 configuration, with lie-flat seats instituted since 2016 (Hawaiian’s First Class). Japan Airlines astonishes with premier A350 cabins, presenting a blend of privacy and comfort in its first class suites (JAL’s A350 First Class).

Concurrently, Lufthansa’s introduction of an exciting first class product on its A350-900s delineates the airline’s commitment to deluxe travel experiences (Lufthansa’s New First Class). Singapore Airlines and its 777-300ER aircraft remain paragons of first class opulence, marrying style with high-grade service (Singapore’s First Class Offerings).

Lastly, Delta Airlines upholds its reputation, continuously redefining the VIP flight paradigm with a pervasive focus on luxury and convenience (Delta’s Dominance in First Class).

Passengers seeking the apex of air travel find solace in these airlines’ first class offerings. They exemplify resilience and persistence in delivering unparalleled travel experiences amidst a dynamic aviation landscape. Each airline’s unique approach reaffirms the availability of high-end travel options and suggests a market for such services still thrives.

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