As Stephin Merritt sang, the sun, the sea and the sky will never make you cry. In fact there is no better stress killer like the ocean, the melodious sound of the waves, the gentle iodized breeze and the wild sensation of the sand underneath our feet. Trapped into the day-to-day routine, we tend to forget the numerous benefits provided by the nature that surrounds us. Yet, it is an undeniable fact that humans are not insensitive to their environment. However, although it is often forgotten, the nature greatly impacts on our mood. Let us take a moment to discover the revitalizing effect of the sea and its countless health benefits.

Mauritius Beach Sea Side

Let’s start with the star. The turquoise blue water is definitely the key factor that contributes to the beauty of the Indian Ocean. The numerous benefits of the sea water are no longer a secret. Indeed, it contains essential minerals which can be used to rejuvenate the skin and cleanse the sinuses. Moreover, gliding on the sea water is an excellent way to get rid of stress. If you’re lucky enough to be at Indian Ocean, let yourself be lulled by its charm and beauty.

 The sun, the sea and the sky…

What would be the seaside without the sun? In Mauritius, we are blessed by the sun rays throughout the year, even during the winter season. The island undoubtedly deserves its place among the top 10 best destination. Excellent source of vitamin D, the sun warms us and puts us in a good mood. Its rays bring out all the beauty of the ocean. They brighten the colors of the blue waves, the white sand and the green coconut trees. In addition, the sun gives your skin a radiant complexion, essential for a holiday mood.

Indian Ocean, Sea with health benefits

Walking for one hour on the sand is enough to get rid of stress. When you breathe the pure air from the ocean, your body frees itself from the negative ions. Rich in oxygen and with relatively fewer germs, the seaside air refreshes and soothes the body.

Time with friends at the beach, enjoy sea breeze

Health benefits at your fingertips

It is not through magazines or the Internet that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the seaside. You have to get there! Let yourself glide on the water and your skin be soaked up with the minerals of the seawater. It soothes your whole body and restores your vitality while recharging your batteries. Moreover, swimming in seawater allows your skin to get of impurities and be revitalized. Indeed, sea minerals have natural exfoliating properties. They eliminate the dead skin cells and leave your skin moisturized. Seawater also stimulates your blood and lymphatic circulation. For people suffering from water retention or cellulite, seawater can be a miraculous cure.

Family fun by the sea side

Above all the benefits that we mentioned, walking on the sand can improve your blood circulation and tone your muscles and bones. Furthermore, the sea is the ideal place to practice physical activities. Water sports are good for health and help the body to get rid from stress and fill up with positive energies.

Are you convinced by the benefits? If so, let yourself be taken away by the beautiful sandy beaches. Leave behind you the autumn wind and the monotonous rains, to enjoy the sky, the sun and the sea in Mauritius.

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