Looking for ideas to spice up your outings with friends? Fed up of those boring activities you’ve been doing repetitively. We have gathered some tips and hints to add some fun to your friend gatherings. Discover what has been missing, fill the gaps and take the leap. Ready, get set…. party!

In these busy times, outings with friends are unquestionably a good way to get rid of stress and to relax. But with your hectic schedule, it seems tough to organize some funny activities. Lacking ideas or time, you often end up doing the same thing over and over again. You may say that there are plenty of things to do in Mauritius. You’re right! But it is sometimes hard to find an activity that suits your needs without having to break open the piggy bank. Why not break your routine and do something different and surprising? Here are some ideas to get you started:

# Dare to be original

Do not take the easy options. They are not always fun. Like any other leisure activities, outings with friends must be organized well in advance. Breaking the routine means leaving your old habits and dare to try new things. Spend some memorable moments with your friends, be innovative. Be crazy, no ifs, ands or buts to fulfill your most original desires.

# A great deal of fun

You don’t have to break the bank to organize outings and have fun. Simplest activities are often the most original. However, you should take the time to get everything planned. Having fun is the only thing you should worry about.  Remember, everyone to his own taste. There is something for everyone, and there are people for everything. Do the things you love while giving each of your friends the opportunity to have fun. Without any doubt, you will have several ideas to fill your calendar of activities.

# Enjoy the sunshine

In Mauritius, we are lucky to have the sun all year long and even during the winter season. Some areas of the island such as the north coast and the west coast are constantly bathed by the sun rays. It is a well-known fact that the sun has a lot of mood lifting benefits. Take the best of what the sun can give you while having fun with your mates. Are you out of ideas? Why not try a picnic in a natural park like Casela Mauritius or by the sea? These activities can undeniably spice up your outings. And don’t forget to let the sunshine in!

# Ease the mainsail to sail downwind

The sandy beaches of Mauritius are very prized by tourists and locals. A day at the beach is ideal to recharge your batteries. Explore the beautiful Mauritian lagoons and ease the mainsail to sail downwind. If you are a fan of nautical activities, you can enjoy your outings with friends and make sure you live out your passion to the fullest. Try the Kite Surf Mauritius, the Jet Ski, boat trips or Sea Kart. Your friends will be filled happy beyond their hopes. Spend some quality time together; strengthening ties and creating memories you can all look back on when you get together in the future.

# Unleash your inner adventurer

Mauritius hides many natural treasures ready to be discovered. Bear this in mind when planning your next outings with your friends. On land or at sea, touring the island and exploring these treasures can be great fun. You’ll be sure to feel like Indiana Jones. You may start your long journey by discovering the treasures of the west coast. Take control of your destiny, like a self-respecting adventurer by riding your own boat. Yes, it’s possible!

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