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Sea: a plethora of health benefits

As Stephin Merritt sang, the sun, the sea and the sky will never make you cry. In fact there is no better stress killer like the ocean, the melodious sound of the waves, the gentle iodized breeze and the wild sensation of the sand underneath our feet. Trapped into the...

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Discovering the beautiful Mauritian beaches

You’ve made the right choice in coming to Mauritius for your holidays. All you have to do now is to let yourself be taken away by the beauty of the paradisiacal island. Mauritius is well-known for its beautiful beaches with clear turquoise sea and white sand. The...

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Mauritius a real gift of nature

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a paradise at the world’s end, a little piece of heaven for adventure lovers. The island is an ideal location to spend unforgettable moments with loved ones or alone. Surrounded by blue lagoons, Mauritius is among...

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Mauritius: the perfect honeymoon destination

If you have just got married and looking for a fairy destination for your honeymoon, Mauritius can make your dreams come true. In fact, thousands of couples set foot on the island every year to spend unforgettable moments with their loved ones. Mauritius is definitely...

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